What does the sea mean to you? 

      A place to fish            A moment to share           Human survival
                  A beach to play               A cliff to roam            A dream to visit

The sea means something different to everyone. 

As the human impact on our seas/coasts becomes an increasingly pressing issue for our health and wellbeing, it is important to understand how people make sense of the sea in order to involve all people in the marine environment and its issues. This is especially important given the links between our actions, our health and the health of our seas and coasts. 

The ‘Sea to Me’ project will explore the various pathways and barriers to sea/coastal access and understanding in underrepresented communities. This will help set the stage for targeted marine awareness, the promotion of potential health and wellness benefits of the sea, improved ocean literacy, and solutions to marine access barriers in overlooked groups.

Welcome to the ‘Sea to Me’ project